Make a waterproof tv enclosure for the new TV

Published: 26th May 2010
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Now this is a common problem for most people, installing a TV-out on their platform or their "near their backyard pool, let the two points ahead.

is not guaranteed in the era of global warming, the time of day to be the same one that the world comes from snow giant freak weather in Washington DC to high floods in Portugal, destroying everything in its path.

We will focus on three areas that seem the main problem areas for peopleRequirements where a TV and are open;

Time Theft Vandalism forecast.

With the changing climate, a standard TV screen is not up to the snow, sleet or rain, you know what happens if you accidentally spilled coffee on the screen - damaging the wires inside the TV screen not shown.

Then there are the extremes where the sunlight, the LCD crystals cause damage and again to fail the screen.

AYou certainly would not have a home computer and put it out and leave it there - right? Because right now it rains - the damage is done.

The solution should ideally put it in a sealed unit, which has created its own microclimate, so no matter what happens outside of the case, the electronics are kept at their ideal temperature inside the case.


Now most of us experience from time to time, if not, just imagine a$ 1,000 TV set in your backyard, what keeps a user access to your backyard early in the morning and steal your TV?

We regularly read that in a recession, as we increase dips, as this crime to feed the family described as slightly sad but true.


Could be accidental or intentional, but it can happen if your kids do not play ball in the backyard and Johnny in general suggests, the ball hits the screen andScreen will be repaired or replaced, at least.

On the other hand, if you have a dispute with a neighbor, and considers the use of a catapult stones on the fire screen? This also applies to it and to society.

What to do?

Well, if you can afford a TV outside weatherproof to buy it because it offers protection from weather and vandalism, but will not be protected against theft.

The other option is to buy a Outdoor LCD housing, providing an environment that regulates temperature and can be heated or cooled depending on what the weather outside. Some devices have a screen, just before the vandalism, creating glare screen perfectly visible, and screen protection against harmful UV rays. Even the screw on the wall, so the theft is a bit 'difficult, because the thieves just want to destroy and run.

Or, alternatively, could leave the TVunprotected in the backyard and when the children are not damaged, or time, you can really lucky and had it not been stolen from me but I would not risk it - is not it?

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